Who has time to search countless websites and apps to find the best deals and comps for their next casino outing? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop app that would deliver the best casino incentives and comps with an easy search feature? Now there is. Comp My Play is the first-to-market casino search engine that locates and delivers customized comps to your mobile device from over 50 casinos in 23 cities across the country – saving you time and money on all of your gaming and entertainment activities. Traditionally casinos awarded comps only after a player had spent a lot of time and money at their gaming tables. This app allows casinos to compete for your patronage by providing incentives before you even step through their doors, which translates to money in your pocket.

When you download the FREE app, you fill out a brief, one-time profile about your gaming and casino interests. Utilizing cutting-edge, geo-location technology, the app searches for comps in your area or an area where you are planning a trip and issues relevant offers for things like free play, hotel room discounts, spa packages, free concerts and shows, golf outings, and much more. And you can convert these custom offers to vouchers that you redeem at the casino’s rewards desk or online at the touch of a button.

Wouldn’t you like to lighten your wallet? Comp My Play has a mobile-wallet feature that electronically stores all of your casino loyalty cards in one convenient place to use when you need them, so you can stop carrying around that stack of cards. Simply show your phone to the pit boss and start recording your play.

But Comp My Play is not just for gamblers. Anyone who enjoys visiting casinos for the luxurious amenities, world-class shows, or family-friendly activities can find exactly what they are looking for with Comp My Play. Download the free app for iOS or Android to start saving today.

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You don’t have to be a gambler to use Comp My Play, but when you do, the odds are definitely in your favor.