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Traditionally casinos offered comps only after a player had spent a significant amount of time and money in their casino. Now there is an app that allows casinos to compete for patronage by offering comps before a player even steps through their doors, and key influencers in the technology, marketing and casino industries are taking notice. Comp My Play is the first-to-market casino search engine of its kind that delivers customized comps to the mobile device of the user from over 50 participating casinos in 23 cities across the country – saving them time and money on all of their gaming and entertainment activities.

Comp My Play was featured as a hot new app by NewsWatch, a Discovery Channel program that provides breaking consumer, technology, travel, and entertainment news (watch the attached video review by NewsWatch). And bestselling author, businessman, and entrepreneur, Michael Essany, wrote this about Comp My Play in a review published on “With the relationship between casino gaming and mobile technologies growing closer than ever previously imagined, those behind this latest offering seem to have their finger on the precise pulse of the gaming industry today.”

Comp My Play users are also pleased with the app’s features, ease of use and results. User Doug S. had this to say about his experience with Comp My Play: “I heard about the Comp My Play app from a friend while I was on a trip to Las Vegas and decided to download it. The app was easy to download and input my preferences. I immediately received eight offers near my location and I redeemed a $100 voucher that day. I was also excited to learn about the mobile-wallet feature because I have several casino loyalty cards and I easily uploaded them to the app. It was a great experience, and I’m excited to use the app at the casinos in my home state.”

Another user, Jacques T. wrote the following after downloading Comp My Play, “This is such a phenomenal idea. The access and ease of use is extremely important to me! I can’t wait to begin receiving offers.”

So how does the app work? After downloading the free app for iOS or Android, there is a brief, one-time profile about gaming and casino interests which the app uses to customize comps to the preferences of the user. Utilizing cutting-edge, geo-location technology, the app searches for comps in the area or an area where a user is planning a trip and issues relevant offers for things like free play, hotel room discounts, spa packages, free concerts and shows, golf outings, and much more. The user simply downloads the app, completes the user profile, searches by location and converts custom offers to vouchers that they redeem at the casinos’ rewards desk or online at the touch of a button.

For frequent casino visitors, Comp My Play has a mobile-wallet feature that electronically stores all casino loyalty cards in one convenient place eliminating the need to carry around a stack of reward cards. A user simply shows their phone or mobile device to the pit boss to record their play and earn rewards.

Comp My Play is not only for gamblers. Anyone who enjoys visiting casinos for the luxurious amenities, world-class shows, or family-friendly activities can find exactly what they are looking for with Comp My Play. Download the free app and start reaping the benefits today.

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