Mobile is not exclusive to communicating with the Millennial customer …

Let’s revisit Baby Boomers with this technology


It’s no secret that newspapers have been eaten up by the Internet. Television commercials have been decimated by DVR recordings, and the viewers just keep skipping right through commercials. Billboards have a one-time impression, but compared to a mobile device that users keep on them at all times, mobile completely dominates the one-time impression.

We all know that Baby Boomers have disposable funds to spend on such things as hobbies, traveling, entertainment, shopping, etc., but the perception around their technology habits is not quite accurate.

Why mobile, Boomers and youthfulness go together

Per Register Media – part of USA Today Network, Millennials embrace new technology first, but once that technology goes mainstream – step aside – Baby Boomers are the ones who drive the growth. Boomers adopt mobile technology as a way to stay socially and intellectually connected to the contemporary world, and to maintain their physical youth and appearance.

Fellow Raving Partner, Deb Hilgeman, Ph.D., made a good point in her article that, “Whatever you do, don’t mention age to this group! They think of themselves as perpetually youthful, so they respond to marketing messages that emphasize adventure and fun. Use models that are chronologically ten years younger than your target market. They want to save time and effort, so convenience is important to them.”

What is more youthful to Baby Boomers than getting a push notification from a mobile app, or being able to search for their casino offers or incentives on their iPhone or Android device? Do you realize how fast positive word of mouth, social media, and satisfied customer marketing spreads by Baby Boomers praising a youthful, beneficial, incentive-based casino mobile marketing app?

If you think mobile advertising is limited to Millennials and Generation X, think again. In fact, about 89% of Boomers have a mobile device – many of whom have ditched their landlines. Limiting your mobile marketing to Millennials who enjoy pool parties and clubs will exclude an increasingly eager group of Boomers, who are looking for offers and incentives that drive them through your casino door.

Boomers and brand loyalty

Here is some more important data that we know about Boomers and their brand loyalty. It is truly the same as other age groups. Another incorrect perception is that Boomers are truly loyal to a certain brand or casino. This is a risky casino marketing mentality. Data shows that Boomers are generally open-minded and eager to try new things. This is where your casino can capitalize on mobile marketing in order to drive these disposable dollars right through your casino’s front door. AARP reports that Baby Boomers account for approximately half of all consumer spending.

Boomers are actively spending , traveling, and purchasing – but it’s your casino’s marketing job to entice them today, tomorrow, right now, and in real time. Mobile marketing drives these benefits. Did I mention that 89% of Boomers have a mobile device? Trust me, they are carrying their mobile device with them at all times. Just a quick test – look down and see how far your mobile device is from you at this moment. Oh yeah, a mobile device is the new wallet, camera, social platform, direct advertising outlet for Millennials too.

Testing your marketing mix

All this information might not be new to you, but adding a more aggressive mobile marketing program might be. Mobile and email are undoubtedly less expensive than postal mail, so it makes sense to test segments of your database. As Raving Partner, Mark Astone shared , “Another benefit of mobile is that you can quickly change the message, produce the creative affordably, and hyper-target who you want to talk to, even down to their location!”

While we know that postal mail still has its strength with different tier groups, it’s up to you to find the right marketing mix in your region and within your customer base. Utilizing cross-channel marketing is very important to reaching the right customer at the right time – just make sure that you measure your results across all vehicles.