Are your guests cheating on you, again? Bring ’em back.
Engaging a player at “point of consideration.”


What is the ‘Hot Button’ that gets players into your casino today? With smartphones in your guests’ hands at all times, the informational age has created value seekers. Value seekers are not just the underpaid, they’re of all pay grades. Did you know that:

Consumers today demand value deals. Embrace technology … embrace consumer apps; they are here to stay. There are a lot of players that are searching for the best competitive offers/promotions to draw them into casinos for a great gaming experience. Most casinos assume that players are always loyal to them. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the competitive casino world today. Having the ability to touch a player in real-time is very impactful to the success of grabbing that player’s attention regarding offers, free-play, and promotions that drive them into your casino. This real-time technology benefits both the casino’s marketing efforts and the player’s gaming decisions.

Engaging a player at the ‘point of gaming consideration’ is very powerful. A casino’s ability to market to a player at this point can significantly increase guest acquisition and frequency. For a casino to have the ability to reach out and touch a player in real-time, any time of the day, any day of the week, with offers/promotions that will drive revenue through its doors, is a true marketing win. Today’s technology can enhance casino marketing efforts with targeted campaigns and real-time results.

Here are some examples:

Casino benefits: A casino might have last minute concert seats available, last minute tournament seats to fill or empty hotel rooms that need to be filled that specific night. Players are always asking if there are rooms available each night. For example, a casino manager could reach out to the front desk at 5:00 pm on a Thursday and see how many rooms are available for that night. At that point, the casino manager could reach all players within his casino, city, state, or the U.S. by using geo-fenced technology on their mobile device. A real-time offer/promotion via push notification could be sent to these players to identify available rooms for that night at the desired rate chosen, thus filling up the casino rooms and generating revenue that would have been missed.

Let’s say a player is playing at a competitor’s casino nearby and there isn’t a way to reach out to that player in real-time to entice them to come and try your casino’s wonderful gaming experience. The ability to send a free play offer, meal comp, round of golf, or hotel stay – NOW – to that player who is having a less than banner gaming experience is huge. You have tracked his play; you know his playing habits; you can then customize an offer that fits his tier level and brings him back to your casino for another amazing gaming experience.

Every player loves a deal, right? They are googling and searching for the best promotions. Entice the consumer … play into their hands, capture their patronage and most of all, make them a valuable and sustainable guest. Let your marketing efforts work in your favor. Technology is here to stay. Casinos must embrace the creativity of mobile marketing to keep up with the ever-evolving player.